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Center gauge pod replacement.
Compatible with Mazda Miata mx-5 models interior center console.
Semi matte black color emblem are made from plastic and carbon fiber mixture.
Gauge pod only – boost gauge not inclouded!

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Reducing the weight of the car is one of the most important and greatest influences on the autosport.
Our high-quality lightweight car parts also can affect the power of the engine, convenience of driving, car control, economy, and make a surprise at a car show.  This affect can be seen on the high-level autosport like WRC rally, F1 race, and all other bests.
“UNUSUALPART” low-price product options can allow improvement from the highest level autosport to the Daily Car.
We provide an affordable opportunity to buy high-level autosport goods for all who wants to resemble car for all kind of motor racing as Rally, Time Attack, Drift, Offroad, Drag, and all others. These parts are being developed by experts and tested by professionals to get more performance and quality out of your ride for the lowest price. Parts are made from plastic and carbon fiber mixture, this has the impact we can produce very light, good quality and strong enough component. Our products have a rough surface due to the manufacturing process of our 3D technology used to extract this product light and strong. “UNUSUALPART” upgrade parts have good heat resistance, up to 100 ºC, therefore it is possible to use in all hot environments such as engine or brake section.
High impact resistance, even at low temperature -20 ºC. This allows you to use it in the winter rally or Daily Car in cold weather conditions.
Also, our parts are water-proof and are resistant to many chemicals or corrosion. Parts are strong and have some flexibility, are resistant to scratches and small shocks, they can be tilted, adapted to the desired part for attaching. However, every good racer knows well about the technique used in the track. Our parts may require greater skills to apply them and if you are not experienced you will need professional mechanic support.


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